Project Proposal Home

I am proposing to design, build and launch a Center for Creative Expression based on my perception of an unmet need among the creative, artistic and entrepreneurial communities of San Diego.

This unmet need manifests itself in a shortage of adequate venues for group events, classes, performances and other social and creative endeavors.

My proposal will seek to describe in detail the requirements and budget to plan, build and operate a multi-purpose venue for:

  • music recording, rehearsal and performance;
  • dance instruction, practice and performance;
  • art Instruction, exposition and curation
  • Video and film instruction, production and exposition
  • Conference and event spaces

The venue, when complete, will have multi-purpose, convertible spaces as well as dedicated spaces for the functions listed and will also serve as a community and cultural center for artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and other creative people and is intended to grow and evolve along with the community that it serves.

There will be common spaces for people to meet and collaborate on projects, and will also have provisions for future capabilities for distance collaboration through teleconferencing methods available to users in far-reaching areas.


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