One Day In San Diego : Your Day. Your City. Your Future. [Trailer]

Who wants to join me?


Whether it’s onscreen, or behind the camera, I hope you can contribute to this project. Parts of the One Day in San Diego project might be included in the One Day on Earth feature film. As a person aspiring to make my living producing video and films, this project feels simultaneously fun, important and rewarding. I will still have to do a little brainstorming and research (and what-not) to decide on the approach to answering the questions that I selected. But it would basically be talking to people walking around on the street and asking them the questions in the bullets below.

All filming will be done on Saturday, April 26th. I intend to spend a large part of the day capturing footage for the project, so if you want to join in, speak up! I have selected these 3 Questions as the topic for my film:

  • What is the best thing happening in San Diego today?

This question is one that can be researched ahead of time, so as to find interesting events to show up to for the purpose of getting more interview footage on the other two questions, and to provide a structure for the film. The answer could be general or specific to the day. It’s an open-ended question that might get people thinking about their community.

  • Who is San Diego not serving?

As an example, a group that is currently not being served are those that are just on the brink of self-sufficiency, not quite homeless, but a long way from enjoying economic recovery. The working poor, the recently unemployed, and the underemployed. San Diego has an oversupply of qualified people for the dwindling number of jobs and more arriving every day. Vocational schools and diploma mills prey mercilessly on this group and many end up incurring more debt to try to keep up with the ever-changing job market in this age of innovation. That’s my example, who would you say?

  • How are people changing the future of San Diego?

This question might be my participants’ chance to advocate for their pet projects and causes. I would allow more time for people to answer this question. I would also like to find those who have a particularly compelling story that answers this question. So, yes, I am looking for people to tell their story of how they are changing the future of San Diego! If no one has such a story, this is a place to ask people for their highest hopes for the future.

So what do you think? Do the four or five people that have read this blog have any interest in joining my team? Yes, the part I signed up for is is local to San Diego (but this project has a bunch of cities participating on April 26th) check this flyer out for more information:  odoe_onesheet_sandiego

I am going to be re-posting this until the 26th so sorry for the spam, spam, spam.

Here’s the organization’s website where you can sign up yourself:

One Day In San Diego : Your Day. Your City. Your Future..


Love me (or hate me, whatever.):

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3 Responses to One Day In San Diego : Your Day. Your City. Your Future. [Trailer]

  1. rodneynoland says:

    Reblogged this on The Waterkin Studio and commented:

    Replaced the One Day On Earth Trailer with the One Day In San Diego Trailer

  2. rodneynoland says:

    We will be filming at PreFAB Space, they are having an event called Maker Market on the 26th.

  3. Joy Phoenix says:

    Who wants to carpool from North County?

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