Spirit Science- have you heard of it?

    I hesitated to blog about this interesting video series, because some of the concepts that are covered in this series may be challenging for some, and incredulous for others. The oddly-modulated voice of “patchman” the narrator, Jordan, sounds vaguely familiar from some other YouTube videos I’ve happened upon before, notably “Zeitgeist.” Jordan and friends apparently base much of the information in the series on the writings of Master Shaman Drunvalo Melchizidek, but as the series goes on, he cites many, many sources for what seems like, at least if you believe it, The Secret to Life, The Universe and Everything. Yes, there are a lot of places in the Spirit Science series where it seems like fantasy or storytime, but  it resonates strongly with me. I am enthusiastically sharing this with the select few that tune into my tiny little corner of the Universe to see what happens to be floating through my attention span.

I hope someone else decides to sit through all four hours that encompasses episodes 1-15, because I would love to have some serious conversations with other people who have seen these videos. I am less inclined to believe some of the human history content of the videos over other topics, however I like so much of this, maybe because I think it does a very good job of reconciling scientific knowledge, nature and natural processes with spiritual ideas that happen to appeal to me at this stage of my life. But even more than that, these concepts have been presented to me by people close to me, and it’s kind of like finding out that there is an online school for spirituality that explains concepts that more enlightened people often assume others just “know.”
I realize that I only have a few readers, but I would love to know what other people think about Spirit Science. Watch it. Share your thoughts with me.

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One Response to Spirit Science- have you heard of it?

  1. janonlife says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. No idea when I’ll find time to watch 4 hours of these talks – but my intuition tells me it will be well worth doing.
    I’ve been blogging and writing on the whole idea of creating our own reality for quite a while now and will continue to do so at Janonlife. My ideas fit closely with the content you show here.
    Best wishes, Jan 🙂

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