The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself | TechCrunch

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself | TechCrunch.

I posted a link to this article on Facebook several months ago, when I started feeling myself searching around for help to get my bearings. My life had changed several times in the previous year or so, and I felt very shaky and insecure. This article contained exactly what I needed at the time to carry on and more importantly gave me permission to think bigger and more clearly about what I wanted from my life.

Today as I re-read this article I was happy to see that I have progressed from Year 1 in the author’s timeline to Year 2. That discovery was simultaneously encouraging and scary. It means that the edge that I was living on then is now the comfort zone that is holding me back from increasing success and achievement. The process of reinvention (growth) seems to be the result of being honest with oneself about our desires combined with the improvement in one’s ability to let go of attachment to outcomes. Decide what you want to be; what makes you happiest right now, and then let go and be. Want to be a photographer? Take pictures! Don’t just dream your dreams, own your dreams!

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