Modern Scientists Validate Alan Turing’s Theory About Biology | Popular Science

Modern Scientists Validate Alan Turing’s Theory About Biology | Popular Science.

I wonder if this, the fact that Turing’s method of reasoning sought patterns of arrangement that in a sense makes computer science akin to biological science. There are design patterns at every level of creation whether created by nature, or human beings. Think about it, a computer is a crude facsimile of a brain. The neural network is one of the more successful models of artificial intelligence, computer virii are strangely similar to biological virii, as in self-replicating and mutating. Maybe it’s just semantics, maybe not, but Turing’s ideas are at the heart of computer science, in all it’s variations, as much as Babbage or Ada Lovelace.

My only point is that as computers become smaller and more powerful, their logic and structure will tend to more closely model biological systems, because we have to follow the patterns that we are familiar with, until there are far fewer differences between computing devices and biological systems. A kind of convergence of machine and organism. It’s not coincidence that “bionic” prostheses are already becoming commonplace, and mind-computer interfaces are the next -big-thing, research in both of these areas would be synergistic at some point. Plenty of fodder for sci-fi horror there.

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