To anyone who worries about “chemtrails” poisoning us…


Now I am not one to shower kudos on Joe Rogan. I have never been that much of a fan of his comedy, but that’s just my taste. But I didn’t know that he had a radio show.  Anyway, sometimes even people that you don’t like can be allies in the infinite quest to get the real truth “out there.”

Now I have known since I was a teenager what causes those wispy trails across the sky that not coincidentally follow behind jet aircraft of all types. But apparently there is some confusion among people in all walks of life as to what they are.

Some imaginative people apparently believe that a shadowy government program (HAARP?) is using military and commercial aircraft to spray metal and chemical particulates into the sky above us. Now the purpose of these airborne contaminants varies depending on who you talk to. End-of-the-world bunker salesman seem to think it’s for the purpose of mind control and/or population control. Anti-GMO/Factory farm opponents sometimes make the claim that Monsanto claims to need additional luminescence in the sky to maximize yields from their latest crop of GMO seeds.  Others see it as a cynical ploy to either mitigate or justify Global Warming, depending on which side of the “debate” you are on. Regardless of the nefarious government schemes that might actually be currently in the works, the HAARP-Chemtrails theory is just plain untrue. They are called contrails.

Take it away, Joe…
Roseanne Barr talks about ‘chemtrails’ on Joe Rogan’s podcast, epic smackdown ensues | DeadState.

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