The Elevator Speech-that I will finish someday

Just to get  the formalities out-of-the-way, this is the first blog post on my new blog, after all,  doesn’t everyone who loses their job start a blog? That’s not the reason why I started this one, however.

Last Christmas, I decided I would tell a few good friends about my dream project. I wanted to build a recording studio, but at the same time I thought about some of the people I have met recently, and what they do for a living and decided to take the advice of one of them and “dream bigger.” It is that germ of an idea that I will attempt to explain as briefly as I can in this my first blog post on The Waterkin Studio WordPress site.

The basic idea: I want to design and build a multimedia, multi-discipline art and performance venue that offers classes in various artistic media, recording and rehearsal studios, meeting spaces, dance studios and a (medium to large) performance venue.

This is not something I want to do by myself to prove some kind of point, like how great I am at raising money or starting a business. I know this entails starting a business and raising money, but I want to co-create a space with the creative people in my community to serve the entire community. I want to create a fluid, multi-use space with the proper equipment and facilities that is commensurate to the level of quality and talent present in the San Diego area. It will be a business, because every new business plays a hand in the economic vitality of the community. It will create, or encourage the creation of jobs, not a lot of jobs, but good jobs that pay very well.

Whether this project is funded by a KickStarter-type crowd funding campaign, or it is funded by myself and a few others, or if it evolves into a corporation or a non-profit is not my concern at this point. Whatever business model eventually shakes out of the other end of the project, my primary focus is to make as many types of creative projects possible as is feasible under the typical constraints of budget, schedule and human interaction.

This was a little heavy for a blog post, but it is an easier read than the current state of the project proposal. But it was necessary, because the project is more important than the blog, ultimately, and this blog is the only place where the Waterkin Studio exists, at least for the time being.

In time, this WordPress blog will be replaced with a proper website that will be the virtual home of the Waterkin Studio until the project takes a more let’s say, tangible form.

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